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Top musical instruments you can easily learn in college

Music is eternal and it has always been used to express our emotions thus making us feel happy, sad, motivated or depressed. We listen to music everywhere: at home, at school, when working out, when walking in the park and just when getting bored. And we bet that at least once in your life listening to the favorite song you were asking yourself whether you can play this melody as good.
An ability to play a musical instrument is rewarding: you can express yourself and your thoughts, relax or just have fun with friends. If you are afraid to take the first step, remember: even a complete newbie can easily learn how to play in the era of the Internet. And learning an instrument in college will make you more popular in the company of your friends.

Top instruments to play in college

It does not actually matter whether you played a bit in high school or have never touched any musical instrument, there are some easy ones for you to master at college:
1. Guitar
Probably, the most popular musical instrument is the guitar that is why it is on top of our list. You can easily learn how to play guitar just watching YouTube and there are also lots of free online tutorials. Bass guitar will be the best one to get started as it is quite affordable and easy in use. Compared to standard acoustic one with 6 strings, a bass guitar has just 4 strings, it is considered the foundational giving the song its depth and this is why it is ideal for beginners.
If you can afford a second-hand purchase of the ukulele, it will also be a great choice. This instrument is small, portable and is considered as a mini-guitar. Nylon strings are easier to press compared to standard nickel or steel ones and the sound is less loud which makes it the easiest instrument to play for young musicians. Just learn a few chords and you are ready to show off at dorm parties;
2. Piano
Remember those days when you were forced to take piano classes every week and then play in front of the whole family in the evenings? Such perspectives make us want to run away and never see this instrument again, but those who avoided such fate may discover the piano`s dynamic and rhythmic beats that make a single pleasantly sounding melody. The piano is one of the basic musical instruments. Although it seems complex, it really provides a core understanding of music.
You can master it using YouTube lessons; there is also a free app for iPhone users called Simply Piano where you can find theory, different tips, fun songs, workouts, and other useful stuff. Moreover, many colleges have beginner keyboard classes you may take to improve your level. Learning how to play the piano will help you understand famous composers better – and even compose your own music.
3. Drums
If you love rhythm, this is the instrument for you. One of the easiest, drums set the pace and if you learn the right technique, you will be the king of parties and can even create your own band. Start with simple beats and drum rolls and improve your technique every day to achieve good results and master more complex rhythms. Remember: a music instrument is like the language and practice makes perfect.
Even if these instruments are too hard for you to master, you can always use harmonica or even become a local DJ. Don`t be upset if your first sounds will be horrible – you will see that in a few months you will be doing your first performances. Learning a musical instrument is obviously easier than learning Math but even here you can handle that by using help from